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The Time Traveler's Guide to the Bowery

Like many guide books, the intensely researched Time Traveler’s Guide to the Bowery, shows tourists our picks for the neighborhood's most interesting places to eat, stay, play, and see. However, unlike many guidebooks, Travelgoat's picks are not limited by the constraints of the present.

Travelgoat Editor-In-Chief Artie Niederhoffer says of the guidebook, "It allows imaginative travelers to explore the Bowery in any era they choose to enter. From rat fighting venues of the 1880s, to vaudeville of the 1910s and jazz of the 1930s, from flop-houses of the 1970s to today's shabby chic hotels, from delis to haute cuisine, and from synagogues to studios, the Time Traveler’s Guide brings the neighborhood’s many past lives back to the present."