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In the aftermath of the Triangle Fire, Washington Square served as the endpoint for a vast funeral procession...

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Funeral at Washington Square
March 15, 2011

The Triangle Waist Factory was located on the top three floors of the Asch Building on Washington Place....

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The Triangle Fire
March 15, 2011

This tour showcases various locations from the troubled life and times of Evelyn Nesbit. Known in her...

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Evelyn Nesbit Teenage Starlet Tour
April 26, 2011

This tour takes the viewer through the tumultuous life of Evelyn Nesbit, the American Eve.

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Evelyn Nesbit, The American Eve
May 5, 2011

'Alcatraz' is Spanish for 'Pelican'. However, none one flew away from this island once they were sent...

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May 30, 2011