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When you plan a date, it pays to check out the spot ahead of time. Although a library seems charming...

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Dating at the Library Bar
December 3, 2009

Ahhh.... Childhood memories of visiting the local sex toy shop.

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Visiting The Noose
December 4, 2009

I was in the zone. I saw my dream girl, and angel, and upped my game. Then again, maybe I wasn't in the...

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Welcome to the Trainwreck
By Tim
December 5, 2009

Would a trip to Serendipity 3 be tacky or the perfect date?

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A Date at Serendipity 3
By Tim
December 5, 2009

I'm a big fan of Chez Josephine because it's faithful to the things that once made these types of places...

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Chez Josephine, Si Vous Plait
December 5, 2009

Join us as we stroll for three hours through this 843 acre oasis designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick...

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Central Park: An Urban Oasis
May 6, 2010

The Omni Parker House Hotel's rich history is well documented in its own window displays and its oddly...

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Proposal in the Omni Parker House Hotel
June 22, 2010

This is one of two life-size sculptures from Shakespeare's plays at the entrance to the Delacorte Theatre.

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Romeo and Juliet Statue
September 9, 2010

The building that now houses Love, a house music dance joint has cycled through almost every nightclub...

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September 20, 2010

This tour showcases various locations from the troubled life and times of Evelyn Nesbit. Known in her...

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Evelyn Nesbit Teenage Starlet Tour
April 26, 2011